Akarat Textile Industry was established in 1987. Originally, we were located in Prapadaeng, Samutprakan. Our factory was set up only as a weaving mill to supply greige (loomstate) wide width fabric for our bedding customer.

At that time, there were very few factories that can bleach and print wide width fabric in Thailand. And those that do use very old machines so quality is poor. Our customer had to send our greige fabric to these factories for bleaching. After bleaching, they had to send the bleached fabric to another factory for printing. There were a lot of problems in terms of quality and delivery since the fabric was not process all in one factory.

We saw this as an opportunity to start a factory specialized in wide width fabric from weaving, bleaching, dyeing, printing and finishing all under one roof. We have to move to our current site in Samutsakorn Industrial Estate where a centralized wastewater treatment is available.


temperature and humidity controlled in sulzer weaving mill

We bought in all new Sulzer Ruti machine into our new site capable of weaving up to 126" width. Our weaving mill is equipped with a chiller to maintain the optimum temperature and relative humidity for our looms to run at their best efficiency. Currently, our looms are running at a very high loom efficiency of 90% which equate to minimum weaving defects, thus high quality greige fabric. All our greige fabric are inspected and passed our QC before we use it for bleaching and dyeing in our own factory.



Our plant is designed to handle fabric up to 120" in finished width. To make high quality fabric, we need high quality machinery. We are equipped with the best machines in the textile business.

  • Parex singeing
  • Brugman continuous bleaching
  • Kusters mercerize and padding machine
  • Mezzara jumbo jiggers
  • Reggiani auto flat screen printing and stenter
  • Arioli steamer and curing machine
  • Ink jet engraver
  • Sanforize machine
Our fabric is inspected in every process from singeing, bleaching, mercerizing, dyeing, printing and finishing to ensure good and consistent quality for our customer.

Brugman bleaching

Reggiani printing machine

Reggiani finishing machine

Arioli steamer and curing machine

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